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Hello, my name is Georgina. I have a Bachelors degree in Drama from the University of Drama in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I specialize in Puppetry and I spend time doing workshops in New York and Europe.

I have been performing for more than 10 years in third world countries and also in local churches, parks, streets, busses, trains and children hospitals.

I also worked at summer camps in Miami, Florida at the Coconut Playhouse and at FUMCH (First United Methodist Church) in Hollywood, Florida.

I have performed at the Denver libraries and in varies suburbs in Colorado, Georgia, New York City and Hawaii.

My shows are bilingual and I created the majority of my puppets myself while others were made by my students.

I offer my services for Birthday Parties, Kindergarten, Hospitals, Churches, Malls and many other venues.

My stories are fun and dynamic and contain a deeper message about values, friendship, love and different cultures. I love it when the kids have fun and learn at the same time.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Georgina Santich, a first rate puppeteer. I have seen Georgina's enthusiasm and glowing personality radiate the room, transforming it to a place of laughter and fun. She can bring a smile to any face.

I first hired Georgina during the City of Thornton's 2008 Hispanic Heritage celebration at an event that I titled " Atacama Animation". The theme for my event was the Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth and the venue was the local library. Transforming a library into a desert was no easy task but Georgina made it happen. She researched the desert extensively and created a desert inspired set and hand crafted desert themed puppets.

I have invited Georgina to create other puppet shows since initially hiring her in 2008. With each puppet show Georgina incorporates language, costumes, funny voices, and set changes. She tailors her puppet shows to each event I have, creating an original production. She is engaging and encourages the audience to interact, frequently asking them questions surrounding the puppet show theme.

I am thouroughly impressed with Georgina's preparation and delivery of quality and educational puppet shows. She would be an asset to any team. Should you have further questions regarding Georgina's performance, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Jaylin Allean Stotler
Community Services Coordinator
City of Thornton
2211 Eppinger Boulevard
Thornton, Colorado 80229


This letter serves as a recommendation for the acting and creative talents of Georgina Santich, who was a student in my adult acting class in the winter of 2002. In the course of the class students were required to perform some scenes from contemporary dramatic literature so that principles of acting could be taught in an effort to improve their work. I was quite impressed with Georgina's level of commitment and the creativity of her choices. I was also delighted to discover that Georgina had written the piece that she and her classmates performed.

Subsequent to her attendance at the acting class, Ms. Santich was hired to teach in the summer camp program. Her cooperative spirit and her proficiency in the construction of masks and puppets contributed to the success of our programming.

I would recommend Ms. Santich for continued study in the field of acting, or in any other area of theatre in which she expresses interest.


Christopher Bishop
Director of Education and Special Projects


This confirms I have known Ms. Georgina Santich for over a period of one year. During this time, Ms. Santich has single-handedly designed and executed the Puppet Ministry for our Youth Department here at First United Methodist Church.

She holds weekly training sessions for a group of the children who are culturally and racially diverse, and who are trained to support, interact, and work with each other. The children are also taught to design and fabricate puppets, and to present themselves in a professional manner to the audience, during their ongoing productions. Ms. Santich writes, directs, and also performs in all her productions, which are mostly based on morality, triumph and forgiveness.

Ms. Santich is professional, creative, highly qualified in puppetry, and functions effectively and efficiently in all her undertakings. She is also reliable, trustworthy, and of impeccable character.

I therefore recommend her to any institution which seeks her services, with the belief that she will undertake her assignments diligently and loyally.


James P. Walling

  Please contact me if you would like additional information or to schedule a show.