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Bilingual Plays (45 minutes each)

1). The Cat and the Bird - A Love Story between a cat and a bird. Kids participate in this great Play about the love between 2 different species and the conflict the relationship creates. (7-15 years old)

2). Native American Legends - The Bear and the Fox (Age 2-6 years)

3). History of the USA - States, Presidents, Branches of Government, the American Flag. everything about the USA. (Age 12-18 years)

4). Colors - Learning about Colors through Puppets. How important are colors and the difference between Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Black, Yellow, Purple, Violet and White. Also famous painters like Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci and Frida Khalo are talked about during this play. (Age 2-6 years)

5). The Mind King - Story about Gold, Money and Power. (Age 9-14 years)

6). Let's go to the Moon - Play about Stars, Planets and Astronauts and about 2 boys who build a rocket to follow their dream to go to the moon. Also the Play teaches about American History covering events between 1968 and 1972 and the 12 Americans who walked on the surface of the moon and until today remain the only human beings to do so. (Age 4-8 years)

7). Today is my Birthday - A Play about Birthdays, Cakes, Candles, Friends, Gifts, Music and Surprises. Great Fun for a boy or girl's birthday party.
(Age 2-100 years)

8). La Cucaracha (the cockroach)
A funny comedy about a cockroach who loves music. She is friendly and likes to hide in the kitchen and sing and play electric guitar.
She is nice and friendly and gets into trouble with Cintia, an 8 years old puppet who wants to exterminate the cucaracha but after a long battle of Hide-and-Seek they finally finish best friends and are dancing together. The kids learn not to be afraid of cucarachas!!! (Age 2-11 years)

9). The Presidents - From George Washington to Barack Obama. A Puppet Show about their powerful personalities, weaknesses, and major achievements.

After each show I offer Face Painting for the kids.


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Children Birthday Party 45 minutes, 1 Performer $150
School Party 45 minutes, 1 Performer $200
Private Party 45 minutes, 1 Performer $150
Churches 45 minutes, 1 Performer $150
Malls 45 minutes, 1 Performer $250
Community Events 45 minutes, 1 Performer $300

Please contact me if you would like additional information or to schedule a show.